Did You Expect Your Marriage To Be Easy?

10 Things to Work Through Before You Get Married

'Fast Food' Conversations - This article talks about conversations within the family, but it applies equally to friendships and interaction within the body of believers.

Find a Friend to Wound You


When God Sends a True Friend

Developing Authentic Sisterhood

The Major Obstacle in Forgiving Others - APJ

Ministering to Moms With Prodigal Children

Why Do Friendships At Times Feel One-Sided?

Difficult Friendships Are Good For You

Women Serving Women Day 1
Women Serving Women Day 2

We Die a Thousand Ways in Love - "Those two brackets — dirty feet being washed clean and sinless feet being nailed to a cross — bring the love in John 13:35 into greater light and clarity. This kind of love involves servant hearts and hands that are unexplainably humble, intentional, self-sacrificing, and free from the world’s standards and expectations (Galatians 5:13)."

A Trustworthy Wife

Generational Sins - Ask Pastor John

How to Spot Your Own Hypocrisy  - Shannon Popkin "Friends, we could spend a lifetime convinced that we see with perfect clarity just how wrong someone else is. But how willing are we to look at ourselves?"

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